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A profile of QD Plastics

Q.D. PLASTICS (Glasgow) Ltd. was formed in 1965 and since then has become a respected member of the Plastics fraternity, specializing in the fabrication and supply of a vast range of plastic materials. Bespoke designs form the bulk of the throughput but specialised work in Thermo and Vacuum Forming, Machining and additional specialist techniques are also well established. With such a wide range of materials being sourced by QD. the supply of Sheet, Bar and Tube materials in their semi-finished forms, has in recent times also become a large part of the companies supply capability.

In response to recent advancements in the qualifications and accreditation available for plastic welding QD has become one of a select few plastics fabrication firms in the UK to have our plastic welders trained and accredited to EN 13067. The qualification covers PVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and PVDF, this was deemed to be an important factor in setting QD ahead of other plastic fabrication firms.

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